How to approach hiring as if it was open-source, for better or worse

January 2019Recruiting is an offensive activity. The materials potential hires are presented with are optimism-biased. I'm really curious to figure out if we all could flip the whole thing and be cooperative instead. Here's a couple notes I took while talking to my peers.

I am joining Personio

January 2019Personio is a young VC-backed startup based in Munich that provides recruitment and HR software and has amazing team and organization. My immediate goal is to make it more awesome with a secret tool that is under construction starting today.

Frontend is more design than engineering

December 2018Frontend development has a very high design-to-engineering ratio, and putting frontend in the same bucket with backend and infrastructure would be a mistake. Putting it in one bucket with design makes more sense.


July 2018A collection of tips for classy ladies and gentlemen in tech.