Currently I enjoy the augmented major seventh sharp ninth chord. I’m gonna call it “Muse chord”. It fits well into the classic II-V-I harmony and into basic chromatic descent, but I’m looking for other weird and wonderful ways to use it.

I keep on writing a collection of articles about design systems, which are all based on my notes, plus second-hand experience and just following design system people on the internets (so far about 90 people, wow!) There’s no linear sequence, it’s pretty random, but having an outline helps oh so much! I’m thinking of this outline as chapters of a book, but those aren’t following a linear sequence either, but rather form a graph, Wikipedia-like. Weird stuff, but I think books of the future will be less like linear sequences and more like graphs, because that’s the way the reality has been wiring people’s brains already.

Speaking of graphs: I’ve been using Obsidian for a year now, and it started paying off. It feels amazing to see the effect, but it’s even more amazing that it’s happening now, after I put some effort into sticking to Obsidian for a while.

This page was last updated in April 2022.

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